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Understanding more about how we operate

We recognise that sometimes it’s good to know how our clinic operates before popping in. Similarly, it’s sometimes helpful to check what should be incase you have any reservations about the care or service you are receiving. Please find information about our key policies below.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us. For complaints, please check out our complaints policy below. 

Please be aware that our policies are undergoing a huge review since our clinic moved to 55 Kingsclere Road and more policies will be added. The last update to this page was made on Monday 11th September 2023

Our Clinic Policies

General Clinic Policies


All Complaints should first be raised with clinic owner, James Harrison, either orally or in writing to james@connectivechiropractic.co.uk. 

Should you experience any difficulties that can not be resolved to your satisfaction at this stage, then you may bring any grievance to the attention of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA) by calling 01491 829 211. The MCA will be happy to advise you further including your right to contact the General Chiropractic Council.

Rationale for Care Policy

We regularly screen whether Chiropractic is appropriate and whether there is an evidence-informed rationale for giving Chiropractic adjustments. We do this as part of our desire to serve our patients to the best of our abilities and in order to satisfy our regulator’s requirements.

At any time, if we think Chiropractic is not in your best interests we will inform you and offer alternative options to Chiropractic care. We might offer you other suitable services or refer you to another health care practitioner. Of course, we will explain our reasoning to you, should we consider a course of care unsuitable.

In these circumstances, we reserve the right to charge for consultation and/or assessment. Please see our refund policies regarding prepayment or membership schemes.

Undressing / Gown provision policy

From time to time you may be expected to remove items of clothing to receive care at Connective Chiropractic. The amount of clothing you will be expected to remove depends on the treatment modality, but it is expected that your comfort and modesty should always be protected. 

We do not usually ask for patients to undress for Chiropractic care; It is however more commonplace for us to ask you to take of bulky items of clothing (such as jackets) as well as your shoes in order to receive treatments. Where treatments require access to the skin, towels are available to keep you covered, warm and comfortable. We might also ask that you come into the clinic wearing more appropriate clothing (such as shorts) should this be more suitable. For circumstances where greater access to the skin is required (for example during sessions involving laser) the clinic have a number of surgical-style gowns for you to wear. These allow access to the spine via velcro but keep you covered up where possible. 

We commonly will ask you to undress for massage care. Towels will predominantly be used to ensure you are kept warm and covered up when not receiving care on any particular body part.

We recommend wearing suitable underwear at all times: You will never be asked or be expected to completely undress.

Should you be asked to remove items of clothing, with the exception of bulky items and shoes, your therapist will leave the room to give you some privacy wherever possible. They will knock the door before entering

We also have robes at the clinic in the event you need to leave the clinic quickly in event of the fire alarm going off or in case you need the bathroom mid-massage.

Insurance Policies

It is best to check with your insurance company before you commence Chiropractic care with us if you wish to make a claim from your insurance provider. In 2020 we made the decision to deregister from most insurance companies, so we can not guarantee that your care will be covered. 

It is our policy that all treatment costs are settled either in advance or at the time of taking care. 

We will make every effort we can to ensure that you are able to claim back for the value of your care should your policy cover your care with us. We provide compliant invoice receipts as standard so that you are able to make a claim back to your insurer, as required. 

For the removal of doubt, we no longer claim back for the cost of your care on your behalf.


If in the unlikely event the clinic is unexpectedly closed we will notify patients with appointments directly as well as broadcasting via our website and social media channels.

For Emergencies, please contact us for further advice. We are connected with Chiros Clinic (01264 324924) to provide mutual emergency cover.

Data Protection

We are keen to ensure that all your data is protected and kept confidential. All records and information will be kept with your confidence and security in mind.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Please note that we reserve the right to ask your consent to deal or contact with others on your behalf and may require the presence of a consenting adult in order to care for Children. Should you wish for a copy of your records at any time, please contact us. In line with legislation, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee, depending on the complexity of your request.

In the event your insurer requires access to your records, we will require proof of your consent to release them. 

Please visit the following link to read our Digital Marketing and Privacy Policy

Doctor title policy

We occasionally use the honorary title afforded to us by our qualifications (Eg: ‘Doctor of Chiropractic’ or Dr James Harrison (Chiropractor))

For the sake of clarity, the term ‘doctor’ does not imply that the Chiropractor named is a medical doctor, unless otherwise specifically stated. We will always strive to put the regulated, legal term (‘Chiropractor’) following use of the word ‘doctor’ (or any abbreviation) to reduce confusion and clarify further when using these terms.

Door vision finder policy

All our doors are glazed to offer additional protection, privacy and modesty protection. We have small vision finders in our doors however to assist our team in fire safety and health and safety checks where required. Given the distance between our waiting area and treatment rooms we have designed these so that the rooms are private at all times. Should you feel uncomfortable at any time, please let our team know who will be happy to help and/or obscure the vision finder during your session.

Camera Recording Policy

Though detail about our data processing is included in our privacy policy, we also have a separate policy to highlight the use of camera recording at the clinic. We do this, with lawful basis, to ensure our clinic property and communal areas remain safe. The presence of cameras and security equipment is highlighted by signage around the exterior of the property and is present in all our communal areas, but not in treatment rooms. Given the need for security in the event our reception is not covered (as we keep our front door open), our cameras are loop recorded and are only ever viewed or downloaded by the managers or directors of Connective Chiropractic Limited in the event of a suspicious event. Cameras also detect motion and are linked to our alarm systems when the clinic is not in operation. We use numerous systems to ensure there is always some form of camera cover in the clinic. Please be aware that footage will be shared with the police in the event of confirmed criminal activity.

Please visit our Digital Marketing and Privacy Policy for more information about how data is handled.

Digital Marketing and Privacy Policy

Please follow the following link for our Digital Marketing and Privacy policy:


Double adjusting room statement

We offer semi-open plan as well as single room treatment rooms. It is not intended at this present time that any room will have more than one patient in at any given time, except in the event families or couples opt to be adjusted together or a chaperone is required for your care. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Music policy

The clinic maintains a music licence and plays soft background music in most of its rooms. Music is preselected and can not be altered based on preference.

Open Information Policy

We will do all we can to ensure you have as much information as you need to feel comfortable about making decisions relating to your healthcare and to help you to inform the level of consent that you give towards your care. Should ever you feel that you need more information to help guide your decision making, please feel free to ask any member of our team. We love answering questions, so take the stance that ‘There is never a silly question.’ We’ll do it as standard, but if you are not aware of or can’t remember our discussions about your care plan, the stage of care you are in, risks or alternatives to care please don’t hesitate to flag this up to us so we can go through it again: It’s no trouble and we’d rather you have all the information you need.

Care plan policies

Appointment booking policy

We use an integrative real-time booking system. Appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis. All appointments are confirmed by a confirmation email and text and reminder email and text is additionally sent out the day before the appointment.

Onboarding policy

All patients at Connective Chiropractic, regardless of modality, must initially proceed through our clinic onboarding process. This enables us to capture essential medical history information as well as general details regarding how we can contact you. Depending on your chosen treatment modality it may also include clinical questioning, testing and/or assessment. The purpose of this onboarding session is to permit us to proceed, adjust our care, advice or clinic organisation for any health and safety concerns and to better understand how we may be able to serve you best. We also set a clinic onboarding process so that you do not have to repeat the process should you decide to use additional services within the clinic. Please be aware that we retain the right to withdraw care or treatments for those that have not been onboarded to the clinic and may need you to reactivate your onboarding if you have not been to see us recently. 

Cancellation Policy

Once you book an appointment you will receive a confirmation email regarding your booking. Your appointment will not class as booked until you receive confirmation. Please contact us if you are unsure. You are able to cancel or rearrange your appointment up to 24 hours in advance using the reschedule link on the email. To cancel an appointment within 24 hours please contact us.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £60 for repeat cancellations or cancellations made without notice.

Returning patients and guests

Returning Customers

We find that many of our customers choose to undergo maintenance care following a course of Chiropractic care. However we also continue to welcome those who have decided to previously stop care with us. We reserve the right to ask that the patient undergoes another initial consultation or reassessment should an appointment not be deemed as a continuation of care.

Patient Reactivation and Reassessment Policy

In the interests of patient safety and to assist us in serving you best, it is our policy to reassess all patients who have not been to the clinic for the last 6 months. Reassessments may take the form of longer reassessment sessions, or review discussions during ongoing care. We intend to communicate with all our patients their progress in line with our care plan recommendations. Reassessments may show improvements or indeed the need to refer to other practitioners internally or externally. Reassessments are conducted free of additional charge up to twelve months after the date of the last appointment.

Following 12 months, a reactivation appointment is required so that we are able to update your medical history more thoroughly before seeing you.

Should you not have attended the clinic for over 3 years, you will need to follow our initial consultation process again. We retain all onboarding information for 8 years, in line with our privacy policy, but this may also need to be updated.

These sessions allow us sufficient time to check for medical updates and perform additional testing; It helps us to serve you better but also to ensure it is safe for us to proceed.

At present we do not charge additionally to standard care for patient reactivations: You only need to pay for one onboarding session.

Payments and Refunds

Payments Policy

We are able to accept payments by cash, card or direct debit. Pay As You Go treatment sessions shall be made at the end of each session. Prepayment plans shall be paid with an initial deposit (taken by cash or card) and subsequent payments by direct debit. Ultimate Wellbeing Community charges are taken by direct debit. All direct debit mandates are collected around the 1st of each month.

We currently take a wide range of card and contactless payment methods including MasterCard, Maestro, isa, Discover, Diners Club International, Union Pay, JCB, American Express, Apple Pay Google Pay and Android Pay.

Multi Care Plan Offer Policy

We make multiple offers for you to consider as part of any care plan we offer: We do this as we’ve realised over the years that one size doesn’t fit all and that it’s important for you to consider not only your health and wellbeing goals but also the affordability and viability of the care we offer you. It’s also our value not to hard sell, so we’d rather give you many options to consider rather than just pushing forward any one way for you to go ahead.

For larger care plans we offer the ability to split pay for the cost of your care and pay by direct debit as standard. We don’t charge extra for this; it’s just aiming to make things easier should it meet your needs.

You never have to subscribe to a care plan if it doesn’t suit your needs however and you are always free to pay as you go. Though we base our care plans on our experience of how many sessions it will take, we’ll still keep a record of how you are doing a long the way in line with our predictions. If you can beat our care plans and save a few pounds, what is not to love? If for some reason we have over quoted our care plans, you are free to use additional sessions for maintenance/wellbeing care, or we are happy to offer refunds for unused session in line with our refund policy. 

Prepayment Offers

Our prepayment offers are only for current patients who have been deemed suitable for Chiropractic care at Connective Chiropractic. These offers do not include ‘initial consultation and first adjustment’ sessions. All appointments must take place within 12 months of taking the prepayment plan. Offer is non-transferable and can not be used in conjunction with other offers. Chiropractic adjustments will only be given with a clinical rationale for care. Appointments are subject to availability and can be booked here or by contacting us.

Where prepayment offers are purchased at the same time as an initial consultation and no clinical rationale for Chiropractic care is found, the value of the prepayment plan shall be refunded in line with our refund policy.

Prepayment offers and schemes - Refund Policy

Requests for refunds should be made in writing to james@connectivechiropractic.co.uk. Cancellations and full refunds are available within 28 days of purchase. Refunds after 28 days shall be offered at the sole discretion of Connective Chiropractic Limited. All refunds will be offered minus the cost of any redeemed Chiropractic session at full, undercounted price. Connective Chiropractic reserves the right to charge an additional £20 administration fee for refunds and cancellations after 28 days.

Refund Policy

We accept that at times things don’t always go to plan.
Cancellations and full refunds are available within 28 days of purchase. Refunds after 28 days shall be offered at the sole discretion of Connective Chiropractic Ltd. All refunds shall be offered minus the cost of any redeemed Chiropractic session at full, non-discounted price. Connective Chiropractic Ltd further reserves the right to charge an additional £20 administration fee for refunds and cancellations after 28 days.

Prepayment Plan Price Promise

In the event our prices change whilst you have credit on our prepayment plans or Ultimate Wellbeing Community you will never be asked to pay extra to retain credits already accrued.

Accessibility and Equality

Equality policy

We are proud to help people and change people’s lives in our community, regardless of any characteristic. We believe strongly in our right to express ourselves individually, so do not discriminate on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy, maternity, race, religion, belief, sex or sexual orientation. We actively do all we can to be as helpful, accessible or as integrative as we can be. Should you feel that we need to improve on something, please let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure we can help.

Our equalities policy transcends both the service we provide, the team we recruit and the suppliers and companies we use. Consequentially we take a strong stance against inequality, discrimination, victimisation or bullying within our company.

Accessibility Statement

We are proud to offer accessible care at the clinic. This includes the provision of Disability Discrimination Act compliant doors and ramps. 

Our toilet facilities have been modified to be as accessible as we can make them with the space that we have. We have ambulant toilet facilities on site, though have done as much as we can to make them accessible and spacious as we can. (We are aware that we are slightly short of a full wheelchair turning circle, which sadly prevents us from saying our toilet facilities are completely accessible) 

Entry Ramps Statement

There is a dropped kerb immediately outside the door for those in wheelchairs or those who need more level access. 

Please be advised that there is an accessibility ramp shortly after entering the building. We have highlighted the ramp with non-slip visibility tape to assist those who have visual impairments. 

Chaperone policy

From time to time you may feel it in your best interests to invite a friend, family member carer or other person to be with you during your care. We welcome this. Please be aware that we will however ask for some basic details about your chaperone for our records, such as their name. Unless in special circumstances, we do not consider the role of a chaperone to answer questions or give consent on your behalf and our care will still be directed to you whether you choose to have a chaperone accompany you or not. We reserve the right to exclude Chaperones in the event of health and/or safety issues. 

Ultimate Wellbeing Community Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Payments shall be taken by direct debit in line with the plan selected. The direct debit shall be collected by Go Cardless Ltd on/about the 1st day of each month. The standard direct debit guarantee applies and will be handled by Go Cardless Ltd. Payments shall be taken in advance of sessions redeemed.
You are able to cancel your direct debit at any time, however membership benefits will stop that following month. Any rollover sessions must be redeemed before the end of month the direct debit is cancelled. Appointments can still be booked and paid for on a pay as you go basis.
All payments by direct debit are taken in advance of the appointment booked. Additional appointments must be booked on a pay as you go basis.
Membership shall auto renew until cancelled. Cancellation may be given by Connective Chiropractic with notice.
Payments are made in advance. This means that for a payment made on August 1st, you will have the whole of August to redeem your appointment. Silver and Gold plans have ‘rollover appointments’ allowing you to rollover appointments into other months should you not use them. These only expire once redeemed or on cessation/default of the plan.
If you are unable to make an appointment please let us know at first instance and we will try to rearrange your appointment within the month of your payment cycle, subject to availability.
Silver and Gold Plans have ‘rollover’ sessions to permit transferability of unused sessions into other months.
We reserve the right to charge our cancellation fee in case of missed appointments without notice.

You are entitled to cancel your Membership scheme at any time.
All payments are taken in advance so you are entitled to complete any unused sessions on the month you cancel.
We do not offer refunds for unused sessions.
You are entitled to notify us that you wish to change your plan with us at any time. The changes will come into effect the following month.


Should you require additional checks as part of the plan they are to be charged at your membership rate. 

We only ever give Chiropractic adjustments where there is a clinical rationale for care. We find that those under wellbeing care often require fewer adjustments or may not require an adjustment at a check/appointment, however we will still provide ongoing care, assistance and service to Empower Wellbeing. Through our promoting wellbeing schemes, we also provide additional education and benefits to care for and address wider wellbeing.

The discounted price incentivises our patients to get checked regularly, but does not mean that Chiropractic care is always offered.

Membership does not only include the provision of Chiropractic care but also membership to the Empowering Wellbeing community, which gives additional health care connection, exclusive offers, discounts, workshops and/or events.

Discounts offered include calculations of reasonable variation in appointment availability due to demand, unexpected emergencies, planned annual leave and/or public holidays. The schemes are discounted further as the packages increase to help current patients with empowering and promoting health and wellbeing at a reduced price.

The plans are not intended for everyone and it is suggested that you contact us straight away if you have any queries about whether you are suitable to join one of our plans
Yes. We realise that these packages may not suit everyone.

We offer Pay As You Go price structures for those that just want to use our services to get out of pain and promote wellbeing, gain further information or dip in and out of our services in line with whatever they need.

If you would like more information on our empowering and promoting wellness schemes or any of our other Chiropractic services please contact us.


Appointments are subject to availability and can be booked online via the Connective Chiropractic treatment booking page by clicking here or by contacting us. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.  These offers do not include ‘initial consultation and first adjustment’ sessions.
Membership schemes are non-transferable and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Chiropractic adjustments shall only be offered where there is considered sufficient rationale for care.



Nothing. All our appointments are paid for in advance.
We do not offer refunds for our membership plans so if you have not redeemed your session you have until the end of the month to redeem it.


All of our plans have rollover sessions to give additional flexibility in case you are on holiday or are unable to make it. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to offer more sessions. We can, of course, also cancel the direct debit and restart it when you are back (Please be aware however that you might lose access to any rollover sessions through cancelling however).




We recognise that there may be some times when you are unable to make an appointment or there are times when we are unable to see you (e.g.: because we are fully booked or due to public holidays).
As a result of this, we offer rollover sessions for all of our plans so that you are never out of pocket and to allow you the option to rebook your session more flexibly without having to worry about wasted costs.
Rollover sessions only accrue if you have not redeemed your session(s) one month and can be used at any time during the duration of your plan. Rollover sessions are not transferable. Connective Chiropractic will keep a record of any rollover sessions permitted.

The intention behind rollover sessions is to make things more flexible for you. They are not intended to be excessive in number. Should excessive rollover sessions accrue, we will be in touch to review your package with us. At this point we will either suggest that you freeze your direct debit payments or move to a lower package to meet your needs. 

Rollover sessions are valid and remain active unless you have not visited or been in communication with the clinic for 6 months. Following this time period, your direct debit will be automatically cancelled and all rollover sessions will expire. We will communicate with you before this happens to give you an opportunity to contact us.

Our refund policies apply should you decide that you would like a refund.

In the event of dispute of the number of rollover sessions following a treatment session, we will ask you to make payment for the session. The direct debit mandate payment history will then be checked. All overpayments under this circumstance shall be reimbursed. 


In the event of dispute of the number of sessions or rollover sessions are permitted, pay as you go payments shall be taken and reimbursed, as required, on checking the direct debit mandate payment history.
Payments are made in advance of sessions required (i.e: The payment on August 1st is for sessions redeemable in August. For the bronze plan, please note that two payments are required per redeemable session).



No. Due to professional differences between our Chiropractic and Massage services, including regulation of Chiropractic care, we have decided to keep both arms of our Ultimate Wellbeing Community separate. You are welcome to join both arms of the community should you have been through an initial course of care with both modalities, but rollover sessions may only be used for the modality of that membership type, unless otherwise agreed. 
[For the removal of doubt, this means that a member of our massage membership can not use rollover membership sessions for Chiropractic care and a member of our Chiropractic membership can not use rollover membership sessions for massage. Where someone is a member of both Chiropractic and massage memberships, sessions may only be used for the type of modality the membership is for and can not be transferred.]

For my job I have to train hard and it often leaves me with a lot of aches, pains and generally feeling rubbish. Every time I have been to see you I have felt amazing and ready to take on the next challenge. Jon H, Basingstoke

Since coming to James for Chiropractic Care, I feel much better prepared to play sports. I am more mobile and feel better within myself.
James T, Andover


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