Helping people and changing lives

Understand the philosophy, values and intention behind our clinic

We are a purpose led clinic and company

Unlike many clinics, we seek to do more than just offer our service. We have an intention, purpose and set of values that we work towards with everything that we do. Understanding a bit about our history can help to decipher why we are so keen for this, but it also makes a lot of sense to us in terms of managing our clinic and ensuring we continue to deliver the best possible care at our clinic at all times.

Our intention statement

Our intention is much more than just fancy words: It communicates everything we aim to do as a company and a clinic. From the choices we make, to the people we hire, our intention statements helps keep us on track but also to navigate through the many decisions that goes behind running our business and standing up for what we believe in: Empowering Wellbeing.


We are an energising, friendly and inspirational community of connected and passionate health ambassadors.

We strive for wellbeing, transformation and personal freedom within an environment that educates, uplifts and provides refreshing respite to all those that need space to heal or thrive.

Our purpose

Our purpose is simple: “Helping People and Changing Lives”. 

Our Company Values:


People first, Pain Second

We are passionate about helping people, not focussing on symptoms alone. We know that people don’t tend to come only for pain relief, but to get on top of the things pain and restrictions stop them from doing. We want to focus in on helping you reach your goals, wherever possible, rather than just relieve symptoms. For us it’s about you as a whole; from top to toe. It’s more than just pain relief and you, to us, are more than just another person coming to our service; You are part of our community.

Giving what you need

We are highly trained and are well positioned to let you know what we think you need to help you get to your health care goals. Whilst we will agree with you a care plan and check that you are happy to proceed at every stage, we will always endeavour to give you whatever you need to reach your goals. We will do all that we can to reach your goals and won’t hold back (unless you would rather we did). As a result we don’t itemise our services in great detail: We’ll give you what you need as part of our sessions to the best of our skills and expertise. Booking in for the wrong type of treatment? Don’t worry! We’ll let you know too to ensure the focus of your care is as close on your results and in line with expectations as possible. We’ll never give a Chiropractic adjustment too without a rationale for care.

Rewarding healthy decisions

Making healthy decisions can be really positive to both yourself and your community. It’s why we are keen to reward healthy decisions. From offering discounts for those that prioritise their wider wellbeing to finding ways to pay it forward or celebrate achievements, we’ll do what we can to consider your wider wellbeing and celebrate your wins. As part of our Empowering Wellbeing Community, your wins are our wins- and we like winning, doing what we set out and doing what we can to make the process fun.

Optimising our service and treatment for greatest outcomes

Okay, we’ll admit it. We like to be a bit nerdy. We are known for our high levels of training, competence and expertise, but we recognise that there’s always more to learn, optimise and do to make your experience better. We won’t settle. Our value is completely to keep increasing our service and treatment options. There’s always more to learn and more that can be done…

Giving more information is better than less

We don’t like it when we go to places and they only give part of the information or make it so complicated that it just sounds like gobbledygook. We’ll explain every step of our process to you and take the time to listen and explain to any questions you have, where we are able to to do so. We’d rather let you know our thought processes and involve you at every point of our decision making, as opposed to just giving you the highlights (unless you prefer that, of course). We think it’s part of empowering you to focus in on your wellbeing. It also helps us to be transparent and open. Expect information about how your body works along with what we can do: Friends and family are welcome to your sessions too if you want to bring them along.

No hard selling

No-one likes to be sold to, especially when it comes to your health. In our view, what’s more important is that we offer and agree a plan of care for you and then step back so that you can decide whether it is right for you or not. Sure, we’ll offer a multitude of ways you can pay so that it is easy to afford or justify if you want or need to go ahead. We’ll never force care on you though- or expect you to pay for more sessions than we think you need. We like win:win situations and for us the right situation is one where you feel comfortable to go ahead without feeling like you’ve been through an icky sales process. Yes, it’s there but our view is that if it’s right, it’s right. If what we have to offer is not right for you, we’ll do our best to refer you elsewhere too. No stress.


What people say about us…

Amanda Anozie
Amanda Anozie
23 April 2024
I saw James for a chiropractic treatment. It was a brilliant service! He was very knowledgeable and worked with me on my goals, ensured I was comfortable, excellent communication skills, and explained everything clearly. Friendly team and great atmosphere!
Kirsty Perry
Kirsty Perry
22 February 2024
I have been seeing James for monthly chiropractic treatment for years. He is always welcoming and kind. James is very thorough with my care and makes adjustments where they are needed. When I leave, I feel another foot taller and ready to conquer the world
Ann Randall
Ann Randall
14 February 2024
Today I had a treatment with Pam. It was very light as I have cancer. Pam has a wonderful bedside manner and is brilliant with either a light or heavier massage. She is professional at all times. All the staff I have come across at Connective Chiropractic have been very friendly and helpful.
Damian Chapman
Damian Chapman
12 November 2023
Really helped with some back pain through intensive therapy and now ongoing adjustments.
Annalise Kirk
Annalise Kirk
14 September 2023
I see James for Chiropractic but also visit Pam for the most amazing massages. This combination really helps with my back/shoulder issues, as well as it being some great self care. I highly recommend James and Pam.
Steve Randall
Steve Randall
31 July 2023
Fantastic team! Very friendly, professional and caring.
Jason Bramley
Jason Bramley
10 June 2023
Excellent and friendly staff. Flexible appointments and first class treatments. Pam is very skilled at addressing any physical issues presented and applying varied massage techniques to correct them. Good advice is given on self-care between appointments. The subscription plans make things easy to budget for, while taking money away from the appointment - allowing for a more relaxing experience. The service was so good I referred my wife, who is now also a subscriber.
16 May 2023
James and his team are amazing! From my first session with James I always felt informed and supported. I follow up my chiropractic sessions with massage therapy provided by Pamela and through their combined efforts I’m not only back to my old self but feeling stronger and in better shape than I ever have been.
1 May 2023
A massage session with Pam is the perfect balance between targeted relief for tight muscles and the overall relaxation experience of a spa. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
Samantha Chandler Brown
Samantha Chandler Brown
1 April 2023
I cannot put into words how fantastic the team at Connective Chiropractic are. James doesn’t just focus on the obvious issues, he really knows how to dig down into all factors that may have an impact on aches and pains. I have chronic pain and he has tailored my care plan to best help with me (a complex character!). My husband and I have appointments together and we really enjoy going to see James, even if some of the adjustments are a bit uncomfortable! That said we both always feel so much better after we have been. You won’t regret booking an appointment.

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I have suffered a painful back and a numb left forearm for years now, I’ve had numerous appointments which include Physio, Acupuncture, nerve tests etc. I came to see James who is a very pleasant and welcoming young man; he instantly put me at ease and was very thorough with his explanations of what he does. After just one appointment, I couldn’t believe that I walked out of his clinic feeling wonderful and for the next few days I had no pain whatsoever in my back. I feel like James has given me my life back. I highly recommend James….A+
Karen. W


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