Keeping the Coronavirus COVID-19 from our clinic...

Keeping the Coronavirus out of our clinic…

As primary health carers we are responsible for keeping an eye out for what’s going on in terms of public health. We’ve recently been advised by our associations, following recent advice from Public Health England and notes from our regulator, to be increasingly aware of the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) that you may have heard in the news.

The evidence of real health risk is thankfully still low to many, but as the risk of spread is steadily increasing, it is something we have been watching for some time and have needed to consider.

Business as usual, but we need your help…

It’s business as usual for us but we are on the lookout for any warning signs of spread so we can keep the risks as low as possible in our area. We need your help to do this…

If you have a cough, high temperature (fever), shortness of breath and have recently visited affected areas or may have come into contact with someone potentially affected, we would ask you to cancel your appointment with us and reschedule until you have gone through a period of self-isolation at home. (Please call 111 of more information or visit

You may have noticed over recent weeks we have been using additional hand sanitisers and antiviral cleaning sprays alongside our usual cleaning processes to help ensure our clinic remains COVID-19 free. As of today we are encouraging all our patients to wash their hands before coming in to see us and will have readily available hand sanitiser for you to also use in the clinic. Maintaining healthy activities such as eating a balanced diet and having good hygiene may generally assist. 

Getting more accurate information

Our advice would be to visit key governmental websites, including the NHS, for the most up to date, accurate and valid information. 

Last update: 4th March 2020


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