When is our next open workshop?

What is an open workshop?

We are proud to offer workplace wellbeing open workshops to small, medium and large businesses. Attending an open workshop may be an easier way to develop a strategy of workplace wellbeing in your business as opposed to commissioning us for something more tailored.

We attempt to keep prices down and the quality high with whatever we do at Connective Chiropractic. However, even with the best financial planning, it can often be a real commitment for small businesses to commission a tailored workshop on their own. Often the time is enough of a cost. Similarly, medium and large businesses may want to sample a session before thinking about budgeting to a larger workshop plan.

This is why we decided early on to offer open workshops. Open workshops allow many businesses or business people to take part in a workshop, presentation or event. From the very nature of an open workshop, they can be great business networking opportunities. (Don’t forget the business cards!)

Open workshops and business packages. What is right for my business?

Open workshops are ideal as a taster, for individual company representatives or for small businesses.

Business packages are set workshop packages we offer at a reduced cost. This is the perfect opportunity to get your business members to focus in on workplace wellbeing or for wider team building with wellbeing in mind. The business packages focus in on small to medium sized businesses and operate at a fixed fee per person. Because of this, they are largely intended for groups between 4 and 15 people.



In celebration of launching our new workshops at Basingstoke Business Expo 2018 we are offering a completely FREE open workshop on the morning of Saturday 21st April at our Basing View offices. There is free parking and light refreshments shall be provided.

If demand is high we reserve the right to offer additional free open workshops on alternative dates. This is because our venue holds a maximum group size of 16.

Contact us to register your interest to attend. All are welcome.

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Topics covered

We will be covering the following topics on the free open workshop.

  • What is workplace wellbeing?
  • What does it mean to be healthy?
  • The cost of not engaging with workplace wellbeing?
  • 10 steps to improve workplace wellbeing
  • How Connective Chiropractic can help you, your business and your colleagues



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