10 Ways to Beat The January Blues this Blue Monday

Blue Monday getting you down? Here’s 10 ways to beat the January blues.

The festive period can be both exhausting and exciting, so it’s no surprise that come the New Year, we have a little trouble getting back to normal. While we’re all keen to see in the New Year, as soon we’re into January, it’s not unusual for us to feel a little down and deflated.

Blue Monday is the name given to the third monday of the year and is considered by some to be the most depressing day of the year. There’s no scientific backing to this date, but it serves as a great reminder that mental wellbeing is a key part of our wider health and that  it is good to develop strategy to improve the rainy days.

In order to help you this Blue Monday, we decided to offer a series of tips and ideas you can make use of to ensure that your new year gets off to the right start.

As always however, we are here for you. If you find yourself lonely or in need of a listening ear this Blue Monday, please feel free to contact us. We also have a growing back of FREE resources on our social media pages and blog to help you empower wider wellbeing.

1. Take some time out for yourself

This Blue Monday, don’t underestimate the power of looking inwards and taking some time out for yourself.

Whether you want to try meditation, cook yourself a healthy meal or unwind in a bath, taking time out for yourself can often help you to relax and unwind. You don’t have to spend lots of money. Even if money is restrictively tight before January’s pay day, taking time out for yourself is anything but selfish and will help you to be the best that you can be.

For some, planning something new can be uplifting. Whether you’re looking at a new hairstyle, a new pair of shoes or even a complete makeover, there’s definitely no harm in planning the future, setting action plans and ensuring the year ahead has enough ‘you time’. Have you tried creating a vision board?

2. Get out and visit friends 

Our social connections form part of what makes us healthy. Chances are that if you are feeling a little down or depressed in January, your friends may be in the same predicament too and may also welcome the company.

Again, things don’t have to be expensive for you to meet up. Why not host a Blue Monday coffee morning at home? Or get together to have a stroll around the local park? You could even meet up to try one of the health workout DVDs that are collecting dust in the back of your cupboard. Whatever you choose, being alone is not always as wise as it may first seem.

3. Find a Hobby

There’s only so much television we can watch, and most of the time the TV pushes most of our daily woes under the carpet. This Blue Monday, find something else to do. Whether you take up knitting, woodwork or gardening, a simple hobby can keep you focused, and give you a sense of achievement.

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4. Get Some Exercise 

Whether you go for a walk or join the local gym, exercise can benefit us in so many ways. As well as having a healthier body, you will also feel much better in relation to your mindset. There are a whole host of local classes and courses in Basingstoke too for a wide range of skill levels. One thing to remember is you don’t have to join a bootcamp to add more exercise into your life. Don’t push yourself too hard this Blue Monday. Set achievable exercise goals with a view to smashing them.

5. Eat the Right Food 

Overindulged at Christmas? It’s easily done, but the new year should see you focusing on eating the right foods, otherwise you could find that you feel a little lethargic. Mental health and depression are also linked to our biochemistry (and this comes in large part to what we eat and how our body is functioning). Simple tips include avoiding processed foods and concentrating on drinking water and making sure you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables.

6. Book or plan a Holiday 

There’s no denying how beneficial a holiday can be. However, some psychologists believe that even looking forward to a holiday can help us feel less stressed and more relaxed. Studies show that the act of booking a holiday can lead to the production of more endorphins, which in turn may help your immune system.

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7. Get some sleep

The festive period can play havoc with our body clock, and we can soon find ourselves awake into the small hours. As difficult as it can be, we should look to ensure that we’re getting the right amount of sleep, otherwise we could be adding tiredness to the blues. Studies increasingly show that gaining sufficient sleep on a regular basis can prevent later illnesses too, including some cardiovascular and neurological diseases. It can also help to put to bed some thoughts that may lead to Blue Monday downs.

8. Escape with a good Book

Only a good book can transport you somewhere else, and leave you feeling better for it. Pick something up from your local library or re-read a firm favourite. You could set up a Blue Monday Book Club with friends and decide to all read and review a novel. Don’t forget too that if you don’t like reading you can also buy numerous audio books that help you to immerse and escape. Television, although often the easiest option for many, is highly stimulatory and may not always be the best thing in terms of relaxation.

9. Identify Your Concerns and seek help

Whilst it may not always be an easy process, t’s important that we’re able to identify what’s worrying us and look to put a resolution place. A great way of doing this can be writing down the issue, together with a proposed solution or seeking help from a professional.

Connective Chiropractic are trained to identify and help with numerous issues surrounding your wider health and healing, but can also help to provide friendly referrals to local, trusted professionals who may be able to provide relief or support. If you need a friendly ear this Blue Monday, you are more than happy to contact us or book in for a consultation with us.

Of course, there are also many other groups, such as the Samaritans that can also provide assistance. It goes without saying that if you feel that you are at risk to yourself or another, it may be worth calling your GP (if you have a known illness), 111 or, in severe emergencies, 999.

10. Remain Positive; You are not alone.

Times may feel difficult or depressed, but above all else, it’s important that you stay as positive as you can. You are not alone. There are normally always other ways to think, feel or do things. The challenge is often more in understanding how.

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