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Connective Chiropractic Membership Schemes

Many of our patients want to empower wellbeing with us beyond the initial stages of coming to see us to get out of their aches and pains. As a result, we have developed our membership schemes to help our customers to do this at a discounted price.

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Become a member of Connective Chiropractic to save money on wider wellbeing and wellness care.

Who are our Membership Schemes for?

Our membership plans are for people who commit to improving their health and wellbeing and would like to keep it in check. It’s intended for people with intense lifestyles, people on their feet all day, people who play sport, elite athletes or indeed any one who knows that they are likely to come to our services for an extended period of time. It’s perfect for the life-improvers out there; for people who want to move better, feel better and stay better. It’s suitable for people who may want regular support and assurance about their health and wellbeing. It’s also right for people who want to be part of a larger community of individuals and associated healthcare practitioners to help them achieve their goals.

Connective Chiropractic’s membership schemes are intended for those people who have already registered with our clinic and have been deemed suitable for Chiropractic care. If for some reason you sign up by accident or in advance of an initial consultation and you’re not suitable, we’ll refund you in line with our refund policies. We will never give a Chiropractic adjustment without sufficient rationale for care.

Our membership schemes are not intended for everyone. You are more than welcome to ask us if you are unsure and we will be happy to guide you. There’s most certainly no pressure to join a scheme.

What are the additional benefits of joining a membership scheme?

Connective Chiropractic’s membership schemes are more than just getting Chiropractic care and/or checks at a reduced price, but offer additional ways to check in with us as well as gain additional information, benefits and services without additional cost. As our membership schemes grow and mature, we hope to be able to provide members with affiliate discounts, free health care workshops, events and more.

+ Be part of a community of likeminded people

+ Receive additional benefits, such as invitations to events/workshops and discounts to other affiliated healthcare practitioners

+ Prepayment of appointments at a discounted price. Alternatively, spread the cost of care with our monthly plans

+ Payment by direct debit is covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee

+ Choose how frequently you would like to check in with us and how often you would like to pay

+ Accountable and transparent cancellation and refund policies allowing you piece of mind, additional control and flexibility. Choose the plan appropriate to the terms you are happy with.


64% of our patients want to improve on an ache or pain when they first come to see us


49% of our patients just want to improve on their aches and pains at initial consultation


51% of our patients see us to improve their wellbeing or performance. They want to move, feel and stay better.


60% of our patients are active and take part in a sport or hobby


On average, Connective Chiropractic patients see us 2 times before they see improvement on their aches and pains


We see slightly more women than men



There are 4 Types of membership scheme; Gold, Silver, Bronze and PLUS plans. If you want to come for a Chiropractic check every two months, the bronze scheme is the right plan for you. For a monthly check, go for the silver schemes and for a twice monthly check, go gold.


The bronze and silver plans can be paid monthly, 6 monthly or annually. The Gold and PLUS plans can only be paid annually.


Find out more about our membership plans and sign up here

What are the alternatives to joining a membership scheme?

Our standard, pay as you go prices are most suitable if you are unsure whether a membership scheme is right for you. We offer a prepayment plan (get 6 sessions for the price of 5) for those that are aware they may need a course of care, but would like to make advantage of a discount. The plan has been designed with evidence of the average UK Chiropractic initial care plan in mind and can be cancelled at any time in line with our refund policies.

How are payments taken and why are there discounts?

Payments shall be taken by direct debit in line with the plan selected. The direct debit shall be collected by Go Cardless Ltd. All membership schemes are backed by the direct debit guarantee which will be handled by Go Cardless Ltd.. Payments shall be taken in advance of sessions redeemed. Membership shall auto renew on cessation of the membership pay period selected.

Discounts are offered because of variations in appointment need with maintenance care and availability due to clinic demand, unexpected emergencies, planned annual leave or public holidays. The discounted price incentivises our patients to get checked regularly, but does not mean that Chiropractic care is always offered. (We find that those under Wellbeing care often require fewer adjustments or may not require an adjustment at a check/appointment all the time.) Membership does not only include the provision of Chiropractic care but also membership to the Empowering Wellbeing community, which gives additional care, exclusive offers, discounts, workshops and/or events.

Find out more

Find out more about our Membership Schemes and our policies relating to the schemes and sign up here.

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