Enhancing Chiropractic With Music: A Research Study

The Power of Music at Connective Chiropractic

Are you ready to tune into a new dimension of chiropractic care? At Connective Chiropractic in Basingstoke, we’re delving into the powerful combination of chiropractic and music to elevate your experience and outcomes with us.

The study: A masters dissertation project

We’ve started a funky research project led by Koren at the clinic. This study forms parts of her Chiropractic Masters education, before she qualifies later this year. We want to see how music affects your chiropractic experience.

How it all started

It all began when one of our patients noticed how much the background music helped them relax during their session. That got us thinking: does music really make a difference in chiropractic care?

Koren explains: “We had a chiropractic patient use the massage room at our old clinic site and commented on the music played and how much it helped them relax during her session. This is what sparked my interest for a research project into music and chiropractic care to see if it helps over outcomes or whether it may just be an addition to your experience here at Connective Chiropractic.”

Koren is a massage therapist, receptionist and soon to be Chiropractor at Connective Chiropractic

Koren Barrett is a massage therapist and concierge at Connective Chiropractic in Basingstoke. Following the completion of her Chiropractic masters degree we hope that Koren will join our Chiropractic team in 2025.

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The Connective Chiropractic Focus

All our team believe strongly in working to the best standards of care that we can. It’s our passion to forever optimise our service to you, but also our wider community too. It’s lovely to be able to support Koren in her final stages of her masters degree but also better understand the evidence base for some of the things we try, test and innovate along the way.

Music methodology

“Specifically, I have chosen 432Hz music as previous research has suggested it is a healing frequency and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts! We have been taking blood pressure readings before and after as well as a short questionnaire to hear what you think of the music and whether it is a good addition to your care, or whether it is not something you enjoy.”


Could the music we play help improve your outcomes at Connective Chiropractic?

Music is useful tool in every day life. It can bring up emotions, relax or soothe us.

Previous research around music and chiropractic was found to be positive. In a study in 1997 by Strauser, participants were able to relax with both music and silence within their chiropractic sessions, for example. However, participants were able to choose their music and their preferred genre rather than have music pre-selected.

Research has also shown that dentists that use music can help their patients to relax more quickly, bringing their blood pressure down. Have you ever considered using music to help with stressful situations?

The history of music at Connective Chiropractic

Music has only ever been something that has come up for our massage sessions at Connective Chiropractic. Following the move to our new clinic site and the build/supporting licensing enabling us to play music, we’ve gone for it. We think it makes a difference to your care and the feel to the clinic. But are we right? And what about certain types of music? We can’t wait to find out the results!

Participating in the study

We’ve now collated all the data for this study. A huge thank you goes to all our fantastic community who contributed their thoughts and comments to the study.

Please don’t be disheartened if you were part of the control group (without music). Your results are just as important to work out the reliability of whatever results come up.

We will of course let all our community know the results of Koren’s study as soon as it is completed. With this being one of the final parts of her Chiropractic Masters degree, we are excited and ever hopeful for her to join our Chiropractic team in 2025.


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