How to cancel or reschedule your appointment at Connective Chiropractic

Without needing to call or email us

Reschedule and cancel your Connective Chiropractic appointment without having to call or email us! 

We love making things as easy as we can at Connective Chiropractic. It’s why we have our online booking system on our website so that you can easily schedule your appointment at any time to suit you. We find that people book appointments around the clock and are aware people have even scheduled their appointment with us whilst flying from different countries! But, did you know that you can also cancel and reschedule your appointment online too without having to contact us?

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Reschedule  your appointment in plenty of time

One thing we dislike about other clinics is that it’s easy to forget your appointment time. As a result, we pride ourselves in being different. We offer text and email reminders as standard for your appointment as well as giving you an appointment card on booking. This means there should never be an excuse to miss your appointment without good reason. Our reminders tend to go out soon after the point of booking and usually the day before the appointment. These give you ample opportunity to let us know if you need to reschedule or cancel and avoid cancellation fees in line with our cancellation policy. You can cancel or rearrange your session really easily through your confirmation email so it’s wise to keep it handy. If you are planning to reschedule your appointment within 12 hours of your appointment, you will need to call us to cancel.

Change your appointment via your confirmation or reminder email

All you have to do to reschedule your appointment with us without having to call or email us is click on the link within your confirmation or reminder email. You can follow through the process to not only cancel but also reschedule or rebook your appointment with us.

reschedule your appointment at Basingstoke Chiropractic clinic Connective Chiropractic

Step One : Click the link on your email

Clicking the link won’t automatically cancel or reschedule your appointment. You’ll get another opportunity to decide whether you want to do so before cancelling.

Step Two : Confirm your cancellation and give reasons why

You can let us know why you are cancelling. We don’t judge on the reason: We appreciate people are busy and best laid plans change. But, sometimes it is good for us to know. If there is a big issue or if we sense you may be unhappy with our service we may contact you in line with our privacy policy.  Clicking the button afterwards will cancel your appointment with us.

Confirm why you want to reschedule your appointment with James Harrison at Connective Chiropractic
Connective Chiropractic makes rescheduling your appointment easy via its online booking system

Step Three : Decide whether you want to reschedule or rebook

You can select whether you want to reschedule your appointment with us. As you’d expect it’s an easy process and deciding to do so will link directly back to our online booking system. As you’ve clicked via the link in your email you won’t need to input all your details in again so it won’t take long.

Step Four:  Select your appointment type and book in as usual

Your previously selected appointment type should show up. Just click on the link and then find a time to suit you. The process from here is the same as when you initially booked online. As usual, you need to click on the button to confirm your appointment to book it. You will get an automated email confirmation soon after so if you don’t get this, please head back to our website to rebook your session with us. Please be aware though that our booking system will reserve appointment slots for 5-10 minutes after an attempt to book so it may be worth popping the kettle on and revisiting our website after.

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Encountering problems?

Don’t panic! You can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help if you get stuck. Here at Connective Chiropractic in Basingstoke we love helping people and changing lives.


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