X-rays at Connective Chiropractic

Providing X-rays when clinically justified

The ability to read, take or refer for X-rays is part of the UK Chiropractic College curriculum. It’s an important skill for us to have so we can diagnose, determine a rationale for care or better understand what is safe or not to adjust. It’s also important as sometimes there really isn’t a better diagnostic test than getting a closer image of what is going on behind the surface of the skin.

Both the taking of images and referral for X-ray is governed by a number of laws and practices. These can make it much more complex than simply asking for an X-ray to be taken. There are so many considerations to take in determining whether an X-ray is a reasonable step to take in your care plan (such as the amount of radiation dose) and as a result is a skill (whether in terms of referring, taking, interpreting and managing X-rays) that has to be maintained.

Changing our strategy with the times

Historically, Connective Chiropractic would refer all X-ray requests via the NHS GP system. However, since adding COVID-19 into the mix and the difficulty or delays in referring for X-ray through GP’s in the area at this time, we have had to adapt. Sometimes we have found that the delays in obtaining an X-ray, when justified or central to determining a patient’s care plan, has formed unnecessary blocks to care. Following an internal clinical audit, we decided we needed to adapt our referral process to ensure our patient needs and expectations were better met.

At first, we actually looked at getting our own X-ray unit. But, the amount we’d use it honestly wouldn’t justify the cost or the time in satisfying all the rules and regulations! (Let’s also ignore the electricity bill!) As a result, we’ve been searching (for quite some time) for a link to a local X-ray private facility that we can reliably use alongside our standard method of GP referral. We have some good news…


The Hampshire Clinic to the rescue!

We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with The Hampshire Clinic in providing X-rays for patients coming to our clinic.

The advantages of this link is that where patients are willing to pay privately, we are able to obtain X-ray results and reports speedily, efficiently and safely. Of course results are communicated to your GP (where you consent for us to do so)… but by having this link, we are able to better understand how best we can help, or refer out to alternative practitioners,  where an x-ray is clinically justified.

X-rays at Connective Chiropractic

X-ray referral can not be purchased. It must be justified

It should be stated, for the reduction of doubt, that X-rays can’t be bought without a clinical justification. If you feel that you may need an X-ray, please ask our team. They will be happy to consider it.

Not part of our standard Initial Consultation

Many clinics will offer X-rays as part of their standard initial consultation process, where there is a rationale to do so. We do not, unless we feel it is clinically justified. Having a link between clinics enables us to ensure we do the right thing for a patient in need, but we are careful not to refer out for circumstances where X-rays are not required.


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