Patient Case Study: Danny, Warehouse Operative

Danny shares his experience of Connective Chiropractic, Basingstoke.

Danny is a warehouse operative and is between the age of 25 to 34. He is currently completing the ‘improvement zone’ of his initial care plan and is about to embark on the third stage of care (maintenance and wellbeing). 

… From reception until you’re on the table you feel warm and welcome. It was a great first experience and continues to be.

Danny is a warehouse operative and gives his experience of Connective Chiropractic, Basingstoke
How did you first find out about Chiropractic care?
I originally applied for a job and then continued to follow and learn more about it

What were your main fears or drivers before coming to see a Chiropractor?
I didn’t really have any fears and nothing held me back, I came in with aches and pains all over and hoped to achieve a better way of living and understanding my body more.

What drew you to Connective Chiropractic?
James was so welcoming, understanding and knowledgeable. Really made you feel like going to meet a friend. I had not seen any other practitioners before and think I’ll stick with James for as long as I can.

Danny’s experience at Connective Chiropractic

What was it like being a new patient at Connective Chiropractic? (What was the onboarding process like?)
It was like being over a friend or family members house (one which had a clinic, of course) from reception until you’re on the table you feel warm and welcome. It was a great first experience and continues to be.

How would you describe your experience at our Basingstoke Chiropractic clinic so far?
Outstanding, I feel better in myself and my body. And it’s so nice to get out and have a chat with James.

[Chiropractic] has helped me so much with my aches and pains and made me feel better mentally…

How would you describe yourself when you first came to see us at Connective Chiropractic? (What were you like before you started Chiropractic care with us?)
I was very moody, always in pain and it got me down a lot. 

How have things changed for you since receiving Chiropractic Care at Connective Chiropractic? (How does Chiropractic help you?)
It’s been helping with my aches and pains. I also learned that I was sleeping wrong – and since then I’ve had such better sleep and I’m not waking up with an aching back. It’s helped me at my job too – although my job is the cause of most of my pains – it’s kept me going.

Thinking of the future

What do you hope to achieve by continuing Chiropractic care at Connective Chiropractic?
I hope to remain happy and healthy by coming to Connective Chiropractic, to keep my body in the shape it needs to be.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of coming in to see a Chiropractor? (What tip would you have given yourself when you first started seeing us?)
Absolutely go for it, you’ll feel so much better at the end of the day AND you’ll meet some lovely staff.

What else would you like to say about your Chiropractic story so far?
Thank you, mainly. It has helped me so much with my aches and pains and made me feel better mentally because of it also.

Intention Statement at Connective Chiropractic

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