The 3 stages of Chiropractic care: Getting back to health

Getting back to health with Connective Chiropractic

As a leading Chiropractic clinic in Basingstoke, we pride ourselves on our ability to put you first and make looking after yourself easier. That said, we are always focussed on both getting you back to health and ensuring things don’t come back to where they were when you started care with us.

The three stages of Chiropractic care

At Connective Chiropractic we find that there are three common stages of care that people tend to go through as part of their clinical voyage with us. Each of these stages have their own pitfalls and issues to master. We will, of course, discuss these with you throughout your care with us and when we agree a care plan with you as part of your initial consultation.

Pain Zone : The most common starting point

Most, but not all, people come to our Chiropractic service here in basingstoke with some sort of pain. They are often looking for an easy and effective way to get back to health without drugs or surgery.

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STAGE 1 : Pain focussed care

In this stage things feel just that little more desperate. Often people will come to us defining themselves by the quantity or the quality of their pain level. They might feel a restriction on their everyday lifestyle, movement or function or have a lifestyle goal that feels slightly removed from where they are currently.

Types of pain

Pain could either be acute or chronic, in other words it could be more short-lived or long term. In some cases people might know the reason why they have pain (perhaps due to a fall, knock, scrape, posture or sporting injury) but then again maybe they dont. (Maybe for example they’ve woken up with a pain or there’s a niggle that comes back with certain activities). Either way we find it is common that people in this stage are wanting to get back to health, but the reality is often that to do this we need to get rid of aches and pains first.

Advancing from pain stage

Once your pain has started to subside and it feels just that little bit better (perhaps your not thinking about it so much or can start doing some of the activities you couldn’t before) then we’ll advance you on to the next zone of care.

It’s made such a massive difference already and I probably didn’t realise how much it was affecting me till now. I’m now much more comfortable and able to move more freely and easily. The surprising benefit is that I’m sleeping so much better too, may be coincidence but I’m sure it’s linked.
Thomas C

STAGE 2: Improvement

Correction and Stabilisation

The second stage of care in our Chiropractic and wellbeing practice is to do with rehabilitating you. We often break this into two subsections; correction and stabilisation. In this stage, we aim to correct some of the underlying issues that are going on in your body and then helping you to improve and stabilise further from the position you left our pain stage. In terms of getting back to health, this is often where we can do most as you are now not burdened so much from the initial pain. However, it is often very easy to lose track of care here as we continue further away from pain. It’s easy to think pain relief is the end of the story but it often is only just the start of helping your issue. 

Connecting with other treatments

During this stage we might decide to mix up your care with some other modalities and treatment types. For example, we might choose to give you some defined exercise routines or might refer you for massage or acupuncture. Whatever is going on in your course of care, we will ensure that these modalities fit within your bigger picture and the goals you set. We’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want to do, but this is often the point where we can safely jazz up your care to ensure things don’t plateau. 

Advancing from Improvement stage

By the end of this stage we would hope that you and your body have the tools to be more resilient. We often find that people gain a wider appreciation of their body or how their body feels during this stage.  You might still occasionally get some aches or pains, but by the end of this session the focus should be no longer on your restriction, immobility or pain but about trying to go beyond them and to allow things to snowball positively so that you can start to live your life to the fullest. At the end of this stage you should be back to health or nearing that point!

The man with the magic hands! He has helped me enormously to get back to normal.  He is very understanding of my circumstances and treats my condition accordingly. I would definitely recommend James to anyone.
Anne C

STAGE 3: Maintenance and Wellbeing Care

In our third stage, we start thinking about maintenance and wellbeing. We’d never want you to return back to the position you were when you first came in, so in this stage we look at connecting you to wider skills in relation to both your health and environment. We will not only provide Chiropractic checks but also equip you so that you have a set of instinctive, experiential and substantive training in case of any bad days, but also to help you ever progress and snowball upwards so that you can live a happier healthier life. In this stage, you should already be back to health but we are trying to improve your health so that you can achieve your goals or create new ones.

Joining our ultimate wellbeing community 

Following your initial course of care, we will invite you onto into our ultimate wellbeing community as part of this stage. Membership offers you a whole host of additional goodies, as well as a continuation of your care. You’ll also get a discount on your maintenance and wellbeing care. It’s your opportunity to be part of an ever-growing community of likeminded people who are all focussing on getting the most out of their life and lifestyle, with a positive mindset and an awareness of what makes them tick, what grows and strengthens them and also what keeps them resilient, happy, healthy and well. This stage is about smashing beyond simply getting back to health and ensuring you are always the best that you can be.

I saw James for back pain and he was very attentive to my needs and explained what he was doing. I continue to see James for maintenance and wellbeing and his discount plan was fab!
Priscilla C

Taking the first step

The first step is our onboarding process that includes our initial consultation and assessments, but if you’d simply like to pop in and have a chat with us first we’d love to meet you. We offer complimentary spine screens and chats to whomever wants to upgrade and improve their lifestyle and wellbeing and to manage or be free from the pains or restrictions that holds them back. Just contact us if you’d like more information…

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