Connective Chiropractic leaves Beechdown Health Club

We’re closing our Beechdown health club clinic from the end of February

The 27th February represents day 636 of Connective Chiropractic and a new exciting step forward.

We are leaving our Beechdown health club clinic at the end of this month.

Connective Chiropractic started off life for two days a week at Beechdown health club, in a small room at the back of the Beechdown gym.

As the clinic slowly grew, despite numerous challenges to keeping our business going, we were proud to be associated to the Beechdown health club brand and to help with empowering wellbeing and performance at the premier health club in the region.


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As we grew at Beechdown, so did our brand. It is now quite wonderful to say that we are already well recognised and well placed as one of the premier Chiropractic clinics in the region, having won numerous awards and having being commended as a leading clinic both locally and nationally. 

Whilst we felt that whilst being part of Beechdown health club met the requirements of many and it was handy to have a clinic on either side of Basingstoke, it’s now time to leave and grow from a central hub.

Opening a full time home in Basing View, Basingstoke

We have already been offering Chiropractic care, away from the Beechdown gym at our Basing View Centre and this will now be our full time home. You can find out more about our new opening times and a reminder of our prices here by clicking on the green links.

Connective Chiropractic is, of course, really happy to still see our wonderful Beechdown health club patients and hope that we will be able to retain links with the club.

Day 636

Our last day at Beechdown will be on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

The 27th February represents day 636 of Connective Chiropractic and a new exciting step forward. Come and join our Empowering Wellbeing Community and be first to see what the future has in store. If it’s anything like the last year and a half it’s going to be worth being a part of…

Appointment availability

Appointments are still available at our Basing View clinic at Arena Business centre, just a few miles from Beechdown health club. As a result of making these changes we are proud to announce that we have also extended our opening hours and remain one of the only Chiropractors open on a Sunday in the region. We are also proud to announce that our prices are staying the same this year as a result of this decision. Appointments can still be booked via our real-time online booking system – as always, if you can book it the appointment is yours for the taking!

Award winning Chiropractor, James Harrison (above), picking up New Business of the Year Award at Inspire Business Awards 2017
When you need knowledgeable help to you, James is the person you should see. Not only highly qualified but experienced and gifted. Totally professional and a lovely person. Be confident this is the person who will help you.
Amanda W

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