Who is Boney?


Boney is our clinic mascot and is based at our Basing View Basingstoke clinic.

He made his first appearance as a young nipper at the Basingstoke Business Expo in 2017, however has now fully grown. Boney now has even developed a full head of multicoloured hair!

Speaking seriously, Boney is not just the mascot for our clinic. He is used to help us explain what is going on in your body in a way that is much easier to understand. Children and Adults seem to love him, but moreover he loves dressing up and engaging with our patients and community. He’s gained quite a following already on twitter (just follow @connectivechiro or follow his hashtag. #Boney)

Boney keeps himself largely to himself, but there are some things we know already.

Gender: Male
Occupation: Tutor of Skeletal Anatomy at Connective Chiropractic, Basingstoke
Colour of Hair: Multicoloured
Preferred place to be: Connective Chiropractic at Arena, Basingstoke
Favourite music group: Boney M
Favourite food: Spare ribs
Time of year he likes the most: Halloween
Secret pleasure: Being naked
Favourite book: Harry Potter (He dressed up as a Dementor for Halloween in 2017)



To see Boney, book an appointment with us at our Basing View (Arena) clinic

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