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Basingstoke Chiropractic clinic, Connective Chiropractic, celebrated its Chiropractic community with it’s first Patient Appreciation Party in December 2018. For the clinic it was an event to recognise how far it has grown and developed but also to celebrate and show gratitude to all of its Chiropractic care patients as well as those in its wider chiropractic community. All patients who have ever attended the clinic were invited to our Basing View clinic premises for a complementary party of food, networking and gratitude.

Showing gratitude to Chiropractic care community

It’s no secret. We wouldn’t be growing if it wasn’t for the successes of our Chiropractic care patients. We are proud to be able to help people in their health and wellbeing journey, no matter where they are in their care.

Chiropractic care patients showing gratitude to us

What has become very apparent is that the gratitude from our patients and guests is palpable too. We’ve been hearing your stories about how your function has improved, how you’ve been able to do things you couldn’t do previously and how you’re increasingly free from aches, pains or restrictions in movement.

Changes in culture

It’s easy to think a Chiropractic care clinic is just about pain relief. But we’ve always known our community is different. Yes, pain relief is a key throng behind what we do, but many of our chiropractic community patients remain for wellbeing or maintenance (also known as prophylactic) care too. Through our memberships, we’ve noted increased senses of loyalty to people’s own health and as advocates of self-care have adapted our clinic substantially to encourage and support the goals and achievements our patients want to achieve. Hearing your success stories get’s us out of bed each morning and we love to hear about your successes and figure out the challenges of the bad days or hurdles along the way.


Chiropractic care appreciation at Basingstoke Chiropractic clinic Connective Chiropractic
Chiropractor James Harrison at Connective Chiropractic Basingstoke
Connective Chiropractic offer Chiropractic care in Basingstoke and Hampshire

An event to celebrate Chiropractic care in Basingstoke 

Proud to be different and we love it

We know our clinic is a bit different to most and there are loads of reasons that justify us being aware of this. One of the key factors is that we are committed to helping people look after their wider biopsychosocial wellbeing and healthcare. We believe that health is highly connected to a wide range of factors and are competent in providing wider support through our extensive knowledge or network of allied practitioners that we can refer to. We love being able to celebrate our Chiropractic community and reward those who achieve their goals. Let’s face it; life is too short to not make it a good one.

Gratitude for our patients

Connective Chiropractic started from a small room in the back end of a health club in Basingstoke to what it is today. We still have growth plans and we rarely rest on our laurels, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without the trust and support from those who access our services. There’s a wonderful symbiosis here. As a small, independently run clinic every patient we see makes a difference to us- and we are proud to make a positive difference too, wherever possible.

Repeated thanks for Chiropractic care

Gratitude for offering Chiropractic

Principal Chiropractor James Harrison explains that Chiropractic care changed his life following his own history of ill health. It’s part of the reason he became a Chiropractor and why he set up Connective Chiropractic and part of the reason he is proud to offer continued chiropractic care for people in Basingstoke and Hampshire.

Last thanks and words from James Harrison

James explains, “Our first Patient Appreciation Party was a success. It was lovely to focus on the social aspect of the biopsychosocial healthcare model in our practice a little more. It was wonderful to see people networking, chatting, sharing stories. Whilst it’s an event of gratitude if the studies and theories are correct there are potential healthcare outcomes to be had from attending events such as these, so it was wonderful to be able to facilitate it and celebrate nothing but good feeling and positive outcome. We are looking to replicate in the future.

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