6 Common Causes of Low Back Pain in the Morning

Some of the most common causes of low back pain…

If you, like so many others, experience low back pain first thing in the morning, this post is for you!

We are going to go through a couple of the most common causes of low back pain in the morning along with some tips, tricks, help and advice that we hope will help along the way! 

Do note though, this is not an exhaustive list of everything that might happen first thing in the morning or all the causes of low back pain. However, if you do have an issue you would like to get checked, you can book an appointment to see us here at Connective Chiropractic in Basingstoke where we will be able to tailor our advice to you and help out as best as we can.

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1. Cold ligaments

causes of low back pain

One of the main causes of lower back pain first thing in the morning, is cold ligaments. Think about a rubber band. As you start to pull it, it’s always a bit tight or difficult to stretch to start off with but as you get going, it begins to get a bit easier. The same goes for your muscles, ligaments and connective tissues at the start of the day.

If you’re getting a few little aches or pains just after you get up in the morning, perhaps at the back of your ankles or the back of your knees, then it may well be quite a normal thing. Then it is just a question of getting on top of it and trying to stay nice and mobile.

2. Osteoarthritis

This is normally known as wear and tear arthritis. Most people after a certain age (and it’s quite a low amount) normally get some form of wear and tear because we are using our joints and are starting to move around a lot during the day. 

Then, when we are in bed, things start to settle along with those cold ligaments and connective tissues, as we mentioned earlier. So then, as you start to move those things in the morning, things feel a little bit more crotchety. The reality is, it’s part of the management of moving and so the more that you move in that first half an hour window or just that first starting point of the day can really set you up as you go through your morning.

Gentle motions and exercise are really beneficial thinking about stretches or exercises first thing in the morning, really beneficial, not just to simply warm up those muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, but also to change sort of the fluids within those joints as well. Which can help in terms of our shock absorption and also for the general hydration and nutrition of our bones, muscles, joints and ligaments.

3. Sleep and posture

If you are experiencing low back pain first thing in the morning, it could be an indication that your mattress needs changing. Have a think about it, when was the last time you changed your mattress? If it was over 8-10 years ago, it is definitely worth considering a change! Similarly, if it is the wrong type of mattress for you and your comfort, then change it. For example, if it’s too soft, go for something firmer, if it’s too firm, go for a softer mattress. 

Another thing worth thinking about is your pillows. If you are noticing low back pain, it could be because your pillows are not well suited for the posture you adopt while you sleep. We have a whole host of tips and tricks on this topic in our sleep series blogs on our website. Check out our post Sleep Tips to Get a Better Nights Sleep.

4. Sleep hygiene

Getting a routine before bed is important in getting a good night’s sleep. If you find that you are going to bed stressed or anxious, you’re more likely to toss and turn at night. As a result, you are more likely to strain muscles, injure yourself or get lower back pain first thing in the morning. You will also find that you wake up less refreshed too if your sleep hygiene is not optimal. 

It’s definitely worth getting on top of your before-bed-routine and trying to shut down, mind and body before you go to sleep.

5. Nutrition and hydration

So this is if it is a little bit more than just your common back pain, this is about how those muscles and ligaments and connective tissues actually are first thing in the morning. If your diet is not as good as it should be and you’re not getting much nutrition, certainly with certain micronutrients, such as magnesium, for example, those muscles are going to be a little more reactive first thing in the morning or a little less supportive. 

Make sure you are getting a balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables and if you’re unsure about it, you can get further information from your GP or a nutrition specialist. 

 Hydration is just as important so make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

6. How you get out of bed

Finally, we want to talk a little bit about how you get up first thing in the morning. It can seem really easy to just quickly push over the sheets and get going with your day. Whilst we might be able to do that, as we start to age, it becomes a little bit more of a challenge. So, take the time to stretch, take the time to move and don’t fall into the trap of reinforcing the aches or the pains by talking about how bad you feel at the start of the day. 

This is your opportunity to start the day off positively. If you’ve got an ache or a pain and you focus on that, you set your day up on negative terms. Try to be as positive and proactive as you can be, prepare to do some stretches or exercises that might help you along. 

Thats our 6 most common causes of low back pain in the morning! If you need any more help or advice, feel free to book in for an appointment and see one of the chiropractors here at Connective Chiropractic. They are here to help identify what’s going on in your circumstance and see if we can help. 

If you have any queries, questions, comments or thoughts, feel free to write them in the comment box below. It’d be lovely to hear from you.

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