5 Ways You Can Improve Your Sports Performance

Improve your sports performance with our list of tips…

If you’re looking to improve your sports performance, we have put together this quick-fire list of 5 ways you could improve yours straight away. 

When we say sports performance, we mean all and any sports. Whether you are involved in football, gymnastics or any other sport, at any level, there are things you can do to increase your performance and improve. 

So, no matter what sport you are involved in, this post is going to give you a few different things that you can start working on today to get the most out of it:

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improve your sports performance

1. Don’t run before you can walk

If you’re in pain or suffering with an injury, know your limitations. It is so important to repair yourself before you start building and pushing yourself even further. We like to say, build resilience before strength. That way, you know what you can get through, you know your body’s limitations. 

Don’t forget to take days off too. It’ll make such a difference to your performance if you treat your off days as important as your on days!


2. Focus on nutrition

This one goes much deeper than you might initially expect. It’s not just about your macronutrients, carbs or proteins anymore. It’s also about your micronutrients. What minerals or vitamins are you taking to build muscles and remove byproducts that arise from exercise. What are you lacking?

If you are noticing things like poor skin, digestion, concentration, energy or tiredness, these are key signs to suggest that you might want to spend some time on your nutrition.

3. Chiropractic care

Obviously, Chiropractic is going to get a mention from us. Not only can help you get the balance right within your muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, by focussing on your body mechanics. There’s also a nice chunk of research out there to suggest we can assist with some sports injuries or issues that arise from pushing yourself. So whether you are elite or amateur, going for an occasional jog or pushing yourself towards professional sports, competitions or challenges, it is worth considering Chiropractic as part of your health-team. 

chiropractic to improve your sports performance

4. Train backwards

No, not literally. With so many sports being one-sided, it’s important to train both sides and not always play on one side. 

For example, if you play golf, instead of always swinging one way, try the other way too. You’ll be amazed at how it will improve your performance and your muscles.

5. Focus on style and performance

This one isn’t all about the end results but instead making sure you’re safe and doing better each time you play your sport. As well as building your muscle tone and performance. The key to success is often to embrace the struggle.

So there we have it, our 5 ways that you can improve your sports performance. But, whilst we’re here, stop comparing yourself to others too! This might come in especially good if you are in lockdown and not currently able to train as much as you might like. Work on these and make them habits to excel in your sport for when you can get back to it!

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