Changes to Connective Chiropractic's Insurance Policy - April 2018

Connective Chiropractic are registered with numerous insurance providers

We love it when people want to come to see us and can claim the money back off their workplace or personal insurance. So, it’s perhaps unsurprising to hear that we’ve been slowly but surely increasing the number of insurers we are registered with to help make things a little easier for you.

We are proud to be listed with a number of really big insurers from AXA PPP, WPI and Cigna through to Vitality and Simply Health. If we aren’t registered on an insurance plan you are on, just let us know and we’ll make the application to them straight away to help you claim the cost of your Chiropractic care with us back.

Can money affect your wellbeing?

Ways to claim on your insurance policy

Depending on your insurance company they may have their own policy about how to redeem or claim for Chiropractic care. For some, such as AXA, you might need a GP referral to us. For others, all they need is a receipt. It’s wise to check with them.

Most insurance companies will accept payment requests either from the policy holder (you) or the practitioner (us). It’s often a lot easier for to claim things directly from your insurer, but it isn’t without its issues. This is why our policy relating to insurance is changing.

A slight snag with offering insurance care

Sadly, we have noted that one or two insurance companies are slow or unforthcoming in paying amounts direct to the practitioner (us). The delays of payment can sometimes be months in arrears and in some cases we have now been unable to claim funds due. This has been through to no fault of either us or the patient holding the policy. Often we find that because our legal agreement as a practitioner is a little less direct to the insurer than that of our patient, it is often more efficient for the patient to pay us and then claim funds back from the insurer themselves.

Changes to our insurance policy

Given the history we have faced, we have decided that we will now be unable to process claims directly with insurance providers as standard. We are, however, happy to claim on your behalf for insurance policies through AXA PPP only at this time.

We will maintain our registrations will all insurers to make things easier for you to claim back funds. Of course, if we can do anything to help make it easy for you to claim back, just let us know. We provide insurer-friendly invoices by email on request for you to forward on, as well as our standard credit card receipts.

Why have you decided this change to the insurance policy?

We feel this is the best course of action to ensure you can receive the care you need without any of us being out of pocket. With upcoming GDPR legislation changes, the time taken to chase up owed payments from certain insurers and a decreased lack of ability for us to claim funds owed from insurers at our standard rate, we feel this policy change is the simplest solution. Our legal relationship and connection is with you, not your insurer; We do not feel it is fair, ethical or of good service to have to stop provision of Chiropractic care with a patient solely because of payment issues with their insurers.

Going forward

Of course, we will always do whatever we can to make things easy to help you claim back funds for your or your business’ policy.

Connective Chiropractic offer their our own internal prepayment plans and schemes as well as business packages to keep costs down. We also keep our pay as you go prices transparent and accountable to help you determine your budget, inform your care plan with cost in mind and whether using your insurance policy is the best way for you to go or not.

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