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Whether you have joint or muscle pain (or any of a wide range of conditions that Chiropractic deemed effective at helping), pain relief is often the first stage of many people’s care who initially come to see us at Connective Chiropractic.

Often the goal of someone in pain is to get out of pain as fast as they possibly can. Whilst removing pain on its own may make life easier, it might not always address the cause of what is going on behind the scenes. As a result, we often suggest that people who come to see us at our Basingstoke clinic continue their care with us after their pain has gone so that we can correct, improve and maintain whatever is going on behind the scenes too. From there we tend to suggest keeping to your care plan to correct and rehabilitate your body beyond initial pain relief benefits.

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Understanding joint and muscle pain

Joint and muscle pains can arise from a number of factors. These might include lifestyle issues as well as more serious pathology. In order for us to understand the true nature of your joint and muscle pain, we need to assess you. As a result, we spent time at our assessment and reassessment sessions going through any relevant orthopaedic, muscular, neurological or systemic testing to test what is going on and to advise further. If we can’t help, we will give you as much information as we can and refer you to someone who can. However, if we can help we will do our utmost to help you to get from it as speedily and as safely as we can. Our assessments can often seem time consuming but they help us to direct your care.

Stage 1 of care: Pain management

Our goal during the pain management part of most care plans is to relieve your aches and pains and getting you moving again. We’ll do this as quickly as we can but the number of sessions this can take depends largely on your circumstances. Appointments tend to be more frequent in acute stages of care. We suggest that you keep them to build momentum and avoid relapses. It is to be expected that appointments will spread out in number once pain starts to subside.

Our focus in this stage is often more on your physical and biomechanical structure. We will work with you to reduce joint or muscle pain, inflammation, muscle spasms or more common symptoms and side effects. We will work with you and give aftercare advice, where required, to increase joint flexibility and to rebuild confidence in your body’s performance. 

Starting your journey with Basingstoke Chiropractic clinic, Connective Chiropractic

Booking in to see us for an assessment of joint and muscle pains can often take away a lot of the frustration about not knowing what is going on. At the very least, we can help to put you at ease or advise further. For more basic joint and muscle pain there is often a lot that can be done at home in addition to our care that we can advise on.

You can click on the link below to conveniently reserve your appointment time at a time that suits you. But, If you’re unsure whether Chiropractic is right for you, please feel free to give us a call or pop in for a chat. We’d love to connect with you.

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