3 Easy Ways To Help Your Neck Pain

3 Simple tips to help ease your neck pain

Chiropractic is considered effective at helping with biomechanical neck pain. However here are three easy ways that you might be able to assist your neck before coming to see us.

Neck pain can indeed be caused by numerous factors. If you find that you are unsure what is causing your neck pain or that it is not improving after making these few simple changes to posture, it is worth getting it checked out by booking in for an initial consultation.

Depending on your circumstances, It might be more appropriate to visit your GP or call an ambulance for more serious injuries to pain in the neck.

Neck stretches

Simple neck stretches might provide some relief. If you are unsure about the cause of your neck pain, it is wise to get it checked out first by either us or your GP before exerting yourself too far. However, in general we find that stretches that bring the head to the side, front or back are often the most helpful. Avoid circling the neck to give a more defined and controlled stretch.

Evidence suggests that Chiropractic might help with your biomechanical neck pain. Book an appointment to find how we might be able to help.

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Neck posture: Don’t hold your phone, book or tablet down

Bending your head to look at your phone, book or tablet can create additional pressure on the back of your neck. Indeed, some studies have shown that depending on how forward your head is it can be the equivalent of having a bowling ball on the back of your neck! Relieve some of the tension by picking up your material so that you are not straining quite so much. Don’t forget making sure that your workplace workstation is right for you to avoid strain on your neck when looking at your computer monitor.

Sleep posture

Don’t sleep on your front!  Ensure your pillows are supportive and that your head is in line with your body. Watch this space for a future blog post on sleep posture soon!

Connective Chiropractic might be able to help

As part of our initial consultation session, we will look into why you might have neck aches and pains, perform a series of tests to understand the root causes better and decide with you whether Chiropractic care is suitable for your needs. We find that those that book in with mechanical neck pain and are considered suitable for Chiropractic care often gain relief in a few short sessions, so it is definitely worth booking in to find out if we can help.

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Evidence suggests that Chiropractic might be effective in helping you with your biomechanical neck pain.


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