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Evidence shows that workplace wellbeing is a key strategy for many businesses to adopt. It is thought that addressing workplace wellbeing in your business (e.g.: through workshops or events), no matter its size, may be able to help you to deal with issues that affect workplace morale, productivity and output. It may also address some wider economic concerns too.


Are you part of the evolution of workplace wellbeing?

Flexible solutions: Saving you cost, time and headspace

We are aware that cost, time and return on investment are key issues for most business owners, HR or occupational health directors in determining viability of such courses. It is for this reason why we have spent some time developing a series of workshops, presentations, staff retreats, open workshops and business packages that can be moulded to your business needs. We plan to add to our offering over the next few months (so please do check back.) However, our goal is to provide easy solutions that can help you to solve whatever may be restricting your business or your workforce.

Given workplace wellbeing, as with wellbeing and healthcare in general, is biopsychosocial in nature we are keen to ensure all our courses are integrative of much more than just Chiropractic care. We have organised our offering to be as flexible as we can so we can provide key modules as required in your business and then tailor further areas, interactivity, retreat sessions or aftercare in line with your needs and budget. We are also able to provide corporate packages for workplace musculoskeletal issues or Chiropractic care in general for your workforce.

Workshops, presentations or staff retreats: What is right for your business?

Every business has a different need for workplace wellbeing measures. It’s for this reason we’ve decided to develop a series of workshops and presentations that can be tailored to your needs. There’s just two steps to work out what is right for you. First, it’s to decide what you need to focus on: Is there something specific you’d like us to address or are you looking for something more general? Second, it’s to decide on your investment (time and cost wise). We are proud to offer highly competitive rates but the big factor for any business is time. We recognise that time out of work affects your sales figures.

Choosing your workplace wellbeing session with us.

The key question to determining your requirements is to determine how much time you’d like for us to focus in on your business

Presentations (Less than an hour).

Our presentations are perfect for lunchtimes or smaller meetings. They are also perfect for standalone sessions (e.g.: as part wider speaking events or conferences).

Workplace biomechanics, ‘spine checks’ and ergonomics assessments (An hour to a day)

We are happy to set up at your office to encourage your workforce to think more about their workplace wellbeing. As part of this we are happy to assess your workforce from a musculoskeletal point of view. We are able to provide tips and tricks your workforce to get them moving better or feeling better throughout the course of the working day. We can set up in an anteroom or provide more focused workshops as required.

Workshops (Two hours, half a day, full day, two days)

We are happy to provide workshops to really focus in on your workplace wellbeing needs. Our workshops are tailored to your business needs, but in general we provide a mixture of spoken presentations and interactive content.

Smaller workshops (less than half a day) tend to be more general in organisation. These are perhaps wise for organisations wanting to get their workforce to think a little more about developing a culture of workplace wellbeing. Smaller workshops can also be designed to focus on key areas should your business already have a culture of wellbeing and want us to focus on a particular area.

Larger workshops (over half a day) will provide more tangible benefits to both employee and employer. We will help you to collectively develop an action plan for workplace wellbeing and to think about and address some of the key areas your business might need to focus on. Larger workshops are designed to engage and stimulate as well as educate or inform.

Staff retreats (More than two days, Weekends)

Staff retreats are great if you want to take your whole team away to focus on both workplace wellbeing and the wider biopsychosocial healthcare of your team. We are happy to integrate both issues relating to workplace wellbeing with material about health and wellbeing in general. We don’t have to go to a luxury hotel or spa (though that certainly can be wonderful if your budget allows for this). For those on a tighter budget we are happy to provide retreats at our clinic site for up to 16 people at a time. Retreats often include not only workshops and presentations but also the opportunity to unwind with a selection of treatments and therapies. A retreat tends to have additional inbuilt time off for reflection or further exploration of issues raised in comparison to larger workshops. Our retreats can be combined with team building exercises or other corporate activities.

We are currently building a portfolio of venues that we can suggest to you should you be interested in a staff retreat. Contact us for more information

Aftercare sessions (bespoke)

We are also happy to provide aftercare sessions, as required. These sessions can be designed to your business’ needs. We suggest that these aftercare sessions are organised with staff decision makers, such as employers or human resource professionals. These sessions will undoubtedly focus on more of the overarching issues facing your business’ workplace wellbeing and help you to address issues that come out from a workshop or presentation in a more guided fashion.

The finer details

Locations and refreshments

We are able to host your presentation, workshop or retreat at either your office or ours. We provide light refreshments if you decide to host at our Basing View Clinic site. Our clinic site has a maximum capacity of 16. We are also able to accommodate at other venues too, should you need additional space.

Open workshops: Perfect for business networking or smaller businesses

We also host regular open workshops and presentations for businesses of all sizes to take part in. These are perfect not only for businesses to share ideas, but they are also perfect for smaller businesses or for networking purposes. We also offer a range of business packages. 

When is our next open workshop?

Flexible finance packages

Have budget available in one financial year and want to spread into the next? Want to do something but need to spread the cost out? No problem.  We are able to accept flexible payments to businesses of all sizes. Just let us know in advance and we’ll figure something out that works best for you.  What’s important to us is to take the stress out of organising the event as much as possible so you can focus on your business needs.

More complex or bespoke courses, workshops, presentations and staff retreats

For more tailored courses, workshops, presentations or retreats, we may need some information from you, or your business, before arranging the finer details. Please contact us if you have any queries. We are very happy to provide more bespoke sessions too and are happy to do this at no additional costs, where your business needs require it.


Money is something can affect our wider wellbeing and so it is something we are sensitive to be careful about. We attempt to keep our costs as low as possible so that we can pass on the relevant saving for your business. Our workplace wellbeing solutions are designed to be flexible and depend largely on what are your requirements and how many people will be attending. We recommend contacting us therefore to find out the cost based on your requirements. We do however have a number of corporate packages available that can give you an idea of our costs or can be easily used to take the financial strain away for smaller or medium sized businesses.

Additional courses and requirements

Behind the scenes we are developing more and more courses to add to our offering, so please do check back for further details. If you would like something more bespoke or something we haven’t mentioned here, contact us.

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