Changes to Connective Chiropractic's Insurance Policy - October 2020

Connective Chiropractic are deregistering from numerous insurance providers

Following lack of payment, increased administration and poor service in dealing with numerous healthcare insurers since we opened in 2016, we have made the difficult but confident decision to deregister with all insurance providers.

Note: These changes supersede our Insurance Policy changes on March 28 2018.

Numerous issues with paying by insurance 

Whilst taking on patients in this manner has helped us to assist those who may otherwise not have had access to our service over recent years, we have sustained numerous issues ever since we first offered this payment method at our clinic.

These issues have included patients not being able to access the care that they need and payments not being met to both patient and practitioner. This year, we have noted some patients have had to stop care because of lack of payment, had to pay multiple excesses or have felt frustrated in our service because of the restrictive terms of their insurance policy.

Standing up for good customer service and accountable pricing at  Connective Chiropractic

I believe such circumstances are not in line with the level of service we accept or aspire to at Connective Chiropractic. As Owner, Principal Chiropractor and Company Director of Connective Chiropractic Ltd, I believe that it is therefore appropriate for us not to consent or align ourselves with any such practices that lower the standard of the care, attitude or intention we provide to our patients.

Taking control to ensure the focus is on your health, healing and pain relief as opposed to the limitations of third parties. 

Connective Chiropractic is about helping people and changing lives. We would much rather do all we can enhance both a patient’s experience and recovery with us rather than be restricted by the working style, intention or operation of third parties.

Claiming via insurance on receipt or invoice

Should you be able to claim for the cost of your care through your insurance on invoice or receipt, this news will not affect your ability to do so. We will still provide invoices and receipts as standard to help you to do this.

Examples of insurance plans that will return payment for care directly back to you on receipt are Simply Health and Medicash.

If you have an issue claiming back funds for your care, please just let us know and we will do all we can to help.

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Current patients who pay by insurance

Following issues with insurer payments, we already restricted the number of those paying by insurance through our Insurance policy. This was dated March 28 2018 (For details please see our blog post here: ). Should you currently pay for care by insurance this change will affect you. I.e: If we currently apply directly to your insurance dealer on your behalf after treatment)

Whilst we attempted to maintain relationships with insurers this has not yet been agreed. Those currently paying by insurance will therefore not be able to do so in future. We are aware this will be disappointing news for some, but will do all we can to ensure your treatment needs are met.  Please check your email inboxes already as most have already been contacted for further advice.

The Connective Chiropractic Intention Statement

Connective Chiropractic Intention Statement


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