Privacy Policy Update at Connective Chiropractic

Can you spot a theme?

We’ve been reviewing our policies quite a bit of late.

Whilst we really didn’t want to be delving into the depths of GDPR, the eagle eyed will notice that we released an update to our privacy policy today to reflect decisions made within the clinic to change how we use and store your data.

Before people take a huge gasp intake of breath, especially those we know who copied our policy for their own GDPR uses, we haven’t changed a lot, but enough to mean we are tightening up even further, not holding duplicate data where we don’t need to and also, speaking frankly, we are saving a bit of money in the process too by making these changes- which is a win win.

What has changed?

The changes are largely to Clause 15 and also with the tables that are contained in our policy (There’s now a funky new addendum to it)

Say goodbye to our CRM software

We decided to use a CRM before GDPR as we thought it would help us to identify what we were doing with our data better. Our decision to do this, speaking frankly, was out of fear for the costs of potential GDPR breach. But, the reality was that this has cost our company quite a chunk of money that we couldn’t really afford and it didn’t help us to identify our data uses in the way we had hoped: Largely as we just were not using it! Getting rid of the Infusionsoft software means that half the tracking functionality both on our website, emails and electronic interactions are no more. Speaking frankly, we just don’t need this data. So, we’ve decided not to collect it any more and to save the cash.

Using what we have better

In its place, we are starting to use our booking system better. It has functionality under its password protection to hold record cards and data securely. Currently we are piloting the use of this so that we can keep neater, more streamlined record cards (and also help prevent lost data between practitioners as our clinic grows and we gain more practitioners). We continue to use paper records wherever it is practical to do so, particularly for initial consultations but will upload historical documents onto our electronic system over the next few months. Of course we will shred and dispose of paper documents once this process has been completed. Practically speaking, it means our invoicing, record keeping and booking system should tie up neatly together and we only need to keep one set of data. Hurrah.

Changing our newsletter

Okay, we admit it. We don’t send a newsletter out as often as we perhaps should or would like to. We still ask for consent every time someone comes into our clinic however and we do send emails out. Since we have removed our CRM, Infusionsoft, we have been emailing out individually or via a service called MailChimp. We’ve noticed an increase of emails ending up in junk and spam since doing this (sorry) but we recommend whitelisting or safeguarding our emails if you can to avoid this.

Our newsletter won’t be as whizz-bang behind the scenes as we now remove the tracking (Seriously, at one point we were tracking that you clicked on something and requested information for it. Whilst yes, it evidences consent and is useful, we felt it was time to get a life, spend our energy on tracking your care better with us and leave this to you!) As we said, this monster came out of the GDPR fear… but we actually think that, through GDPR, we are safer all around to now remove it. Hurrah

Reading the changes directly.

As always you can see our GDPR and data protection goodies in the clinic at any time. We also update where we can on the blog, so please do look back in the history if it’s your thing. Our privacy statement can, as always be found via this link and our policies can be found through this link (Click here)

Survived? Go grab a cup of tea! 

Sorry to drag you through boring privacy stuff.. but we hope that by doing so it helps to show that we are constantly reviewing our processes and ensuring we hold your data both securely and in line with what is most necessary in line with laws/regulations and what we need to do to give you the best service and do a good job.

One other thing, before we go- just so that we are absolutely clear. We’ve also changed the name of our privacy policy from version 1.1 to Version 1.2. Version 1.1 is available for view if you really want to inspect everything. Just ask. We’ll be shocked – but it’s there if you need it for any reason. The new version is live from today 26.09.19.

We know it’s not interesting. Believe me, we know. But it is useful. So give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting this far and we look forward to seeing you in clinic soon, doing what we do best.

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